When talking isn't enough, The Core Healing Initiative can change your life!

You've tried traditional approaches, reading self-help books and ignoring the symptoms, the pain, and the problem. Have you notice another layer of distress creating a shadow over, not only the problem but the wellbeing you have left. Plummeting even further into despair and frustration.

What else can you do?

Here's the good news --

In recent years the emergence of science-based, energy psychology and brain research have demonstrated a more profound relationship between the brain, the subconscious mind, and healing. Realizing the efficient and gentle ability to create was an awe-inspiring moment in the discovery of these modalities.

To change your life, we now know the value of changing how you think that impacts the brain and ultimately your life. You can secure the relief and freedom you seek.

Imagine seeing the connection between your symptoms, thought patterns, and the core issue? And then, resetting them for more adaptive integration?

While I agree that understanding a problem does not usually create change, processing work offers an opportunity for you to explore various options and experience the symptoms for what they are - attempts at securing relief. In other words, what may have worked in the past is now outdated.

Over 200 studies show that energy psychology sessions result in sustained long-lasting freedom and relief and they used for any life struggle or conflict, including trauma.

With 25-plus years of experience and professional training, I created The Core Healing Initiative (CHI) which expertly integrates energy psychology approaches brain research, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, constellation work, and hypnotherapy to assist you with your concerns. 

CHI is a multi-faceted, 3-dimensional experience that reveals the power of the subconscious mind, where your life and the lives of your ancestors reside. Lurking or hidden within the symptoms you exhibit lies the core issue or what occurred that initiated the now maladaptive response.

Early trauma, stresses, and life shocks reveal themselves in our language, lifestyle choices, and our health, although not limited in its expression. As we follow the pattern and expansive and contractive nature of stress and wellbeing you will expertly find the right solutions for your life.

My four areas of focus ==>  Any Life Struggle  ~  Eating  ~  Medical Issues  ~ Performance Stresses

The Core Healing Initiative may include:

Each modality is adaptable to any life struggle and has unlimited potential to assist you in achieving your goals quickly. Your work is highly personalized. I do not use electronics.

Teaching you the importance of wellbeing, which further develops your strengths, positivity, and potential, empowering you to feel the freedom you desire.

Why Symptom Reduction Does Not Always Help

The symptom is perceived to be the problem. An annoyance, yes, however, physical or cognitive symptoms serve as a messenger or a call for you to consider something about your life.

The core issue may have been protected or sealed off due to the enormity of the stress or life shock. You may experience emotional blocks that inhibit your potential in performance. It is also possible that the stress you carry belongs within the family system.

Oft times, our pains can be reinforced and supported by the people around you, including family and the culture in which you live.

Many current life struggles are the result of 
unresolved inherited or early life trauma. 

The symptoms ask for a resolution of an underlying conflict, which has manifested as a symptom as a call for resolution. Here are examples of underlying issues: 

  • Being adopted
  • Early mother-Infant separation for any reason
  • Medical trauma
  • Inherited stress, failures, trauma
  • Childhood stress, such as any kind of abuses
  • Parents who were traumatized
  • Tragic deaths in the family or a generation or two back
  • Repeat and reinforced pattern

Eighty-eight percent of my clients have been to therapy. Have you?

Together we explore hidden aspects that exist within the experience of the symptoms that point us in the direction of healing potential. The package of symptoms of the experience may include -

  • Hidden language
  • Mental movies and imagery you create
  • Beliefs and thoughts you have
  • Life philosophies and fears
  • Current life and ancestral patterns and trauma
  • Body sensations and pain
  • Memories that are associated
  • Mental and physical habits 
  • Lifestyle habits

If you experience the problem, you also hold the key to the solution.
I facilitate the change in our work together. 


If you experience a personal crisis, I will refer you to the emergency room, a mental health hotline or call the proper authorities. Pittsburgh area crisis phone numbers are as follows:  

  • Resolve Crisis Network (1-888-7-YOUCAN) 
  • Allegheny County Peer Support Warmline Network (1-866-661-WARM)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK). 
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